The Quality is the most valuable keyword to us. Our plate numbers are made in Bulgaria. We can ensure you that you'll receive the best quality for your money. Our plates are made from the top quality aluminum sheets. They are covered with a layer of high-quality paint. You can be completely sure that our number plates are totaly non-corrosive. We are using a very high quality light reflective foil to make you visible in the dark!

Return Policy

If you are feeling somehow disappointed with the quality of the workmanship or our service, plese do not hesitate to return your number plate within a week of receiving. Just send it back and we will refund your money back to your bank or PayPal account. We will ask no question about the reason of the returning.


Regarding our experience the best size thats fits everywhere is 230 х 77 mm (9,06 x 3,03 in). This size will allow you to use it in a various situations and places. It fits perfectly on your car or on the baby stroller. That's why we are highly recommending this size, which is most preferred by our customers.

Note that the size of actual car license plates is too big and awkward for that use!

NEW! Now you can order BIG SIZE plate - 313 х 82 mm (12,32 x 3,23 in) ! Order now!

Payment Details

Secure online payment via PayPal. You're fully protected.
Manufacturing Terms
We usually dispatch next day!
For any questions regarding your plate requirements contact us.
Postage and Packaging
Free worldwide shipping available!
Most of our international customers receive their plates whitin 10 days!
Quality and Sizes
Totally non-corrosive alloy body. Quality light reflecting foil.
2 diffrent sizes available!

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